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Welcome to VIVAR
Here we offer a simple but powerful tool for you to learn, but above all, to develop your competences and critical analysis skills through a digital educational process that adapts to your needs and characteristics.

Through innovative programming, we do not just offer you a way to study through your smartphone, tablet device, or computer wherever and whenever you want, but a platform that will analyze your current level of knowledge and structure a learning process especially adapted to you through various difficulty levels.

Thanks to the work of teachers and experts, we offer you multiple courses with high quality customizable content intended to train you, but also want you to question the society that surrounds you by developing tools that will be very useful in your personal, social, and working future.

These courses cover a wide range of topics and are compatible with the official curricula of each of the user profiles. You can currently find three courses aimed at adult education, but you will find many more in the future.
Our main goal is for you to learn, which is why we offer you two possibilities:

- YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE COURSES IN THE AVAILABLE LANGUAGE YOU WANT. Without pressure, without evaluations, and without support, you will be able to access the complete contents so you can learn autonomously, at your own pace.

- YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN AN INNOVATIVE DIGITAL LEARNING SYSTEM. Here we offer the support of expert tutors, the creation of collaborative networks that allow you to learn thanks to the help of other users, to upload jobs to be evaluated, and find itineraries adapted to your needs.

In short we offer you an opportunity to develop yourself, learn new things, and guide your life towards new horizons according to the objectives and priorities of the EU within the framework of the 2020 and 2027 strategies. All of this is done through a powerful and modern e-learning platform created thanks to the ERASMUS PLUS PROGRAMME.

Through new mechanisms for inclusive education and for integration of refugees and migrant people. We believe that the educative processes should be adapted to the historic and social situation in which they are developed, helping to overcome the social crises. Furthermore, we understand that this kind of projects improve the quality of learning because not only provide knowledge to the students (European or migrants), but also tools for personal, social and work development.


This is an E-Learning Smart Educative Platform for Inclusion, able to define the specific needs of the adult people to adapt the educative pathways to them, through both synchronic and asynchronic virtual learning, also counting with in-person and blended training that can be tracked by the users.


There has been developed educative pathways for Training Adult People, adapted to the EU guidelines. These pathways are being supported by an innovative methodology that encourages adult people to improve their basic skills as a mean to actively participate in solving the European social problems.

The program ERASMUS PLUS co-funded this project aimed to promote the adults education, the voluneering and the inclulsion of migrants and refugees
VIVAR courses
Adults course
Volunteers course
Migrants and refugees course
Why use VIVAR?


This platform allows for managing students and tracking their personalised studies and their participations related with all kind of activities for training adult people. This virtual environment transform learning into an experience.


This learning system is able to define the user’s profile (previous knowledge, languages, strengths and weaknesses in their education…) and create consequently personalised learning pathways.


This methodology pose a motivating challenge for adult people who wants to learn contributing to the inclusion of migrant people and refugees. In this educative project inclusion is the key word, since we propose to use it as a powerful educative tool based on interactive groups in which the adult people, both European and migrants, work together, forsake prejudices and create solidary networks.


The E-learning platform include a high number of educative pathways with specific open contents, all of them for free. These contents are compact modules, classified according to the skills they develop, allowing learning through unique materials created as a result of this project. Materials created by experts in collaboration with the beneficiaries themselves: volunteers and migrants or refugees.

What experts say about VIVAR?

Social activist Researcher and Professor at the University of Valencia

“Wonderful tool to bring knowledge to little people. A virtual space to hug people beyond their origin, their class or their condition.
Essential to erase classes and borders. To humanize the distances. Thank you for your work! ”

Rosana Montalbán

Titular teacher. Translation and Interpretation Department. University of Alicante

“Congratulations on the initiative and the work done! I find it very interesting and appropriate for students of the mediation course to know this tool. ”

Catalina Iliescu Gheorghiu

Social activist, social educator, and former adviser to the Councilor in the city council of Valencia.

“Aquesta plataforma em pareix una eina útil perquè apropa la formació a les persones que més barreres es troben, permetent que pugen accedir a una formació alhora que busquen alternatives econòmiques per viure. Apropar la formació a les classes popular és una de les millors eines per afavorir la seua autonomia i contribuir al canvi social.”

Mireia Biosca

Social worker and spokesman for the platform Call against Racism

«The platform provides useful tools that can be used well from coordination, cooperation and shared work with other entities. In this sense, volunteer training is basic while working in the field of human rights in general, as you need to have social tools and skills to know and interpret reality.

Jorge Mancebo

Teacher of an educational center of inclusion, she participated in the creation of the curriculum of the «Integrated curriculum mec-British council». He is also a teacher of migrant population in Cartagena

“It is a useful and practical project that improves learning and reinforces the attention to the recipients.”

Concha Solano Martínez

Social Worker, Associations and Administrative Management. Technician of the municipality of Alfafar in the office of attention to migrants – Pangea

“The platform is very useful because of the diversity of content of the materials, and especially for migrants.”

Jennifer Morales

Educator with experience in the work of students at risk of social exclusion

«A very profitable platform since it combines inclusive training with volunteering, resulting in a motivating element and attraction to learning since it allows to visualize a practical application to the knowledge learned.»

David Chorda

Volunteer in a social entity that works with migrants and refugees

“L’educazione virtuale offre grandi vantaggi offrendo una moltitudine di possibilità educative senza restrizioni. Trovo il corso per migranti particolarmente interessante perché offre risorse che consentono al beneficiario di essere un agente attivo nel loro processo di inclusione

Maain Achour

Social worker of the Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Freedom Association

«It is essential to provide the population with effective tools to promote, not only their learning, but their inclusion. This measure can be a very useful measure to enhance these two things. The contents demonstrate their quality and the way of use is very appropriate»

Jacobo Cruanes

VIVAR authors

Luis Gómez

Luis Gómez has a degree in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design and a degree in Industrial Engineering and Product Development. He has the postgraduate course for professor of secondary education and broad experience in private scientific research and more than 15 years of experience occupying responsibility positions in social organisations. He also has experience in the teaching field.
He has developed several specific educative materials for training adult people and students from secondary education.
Luis is an entrepreneur always looking for ways to change the world

Raquel Navarro

Raquel Navarro Cerveró is a social worker, an equality agent and has a Master Degree in Labour Risk Prevention, and she have worked with the association movements in Valencia for more than 15 years.
Through her professional and associative career, Raquel has fulfilled responsibilities that have allowed her to develop a broad experience as Social Worker and Projects Technician, creating and managing associative and social economy projects to promote equality and social justice.
It is worth to be noted that her multidisciplinary profile has allowed her for creating and innovative management model.

Jordi Rizo

Jordi Rizo has a degree in Business Administration and Management and has a Master in Economics in Social, Cooperatives and Non-profit Companies from UV. He has specific training for the recruitment and motivation of volunteering and during his professional and associative career he has been responsible for finance and coordinator of several social, political and educational projects.
He also has experience in the design of educational materials for people with obstacles, as well as in training in non-formal and informal environments. He also has experience in the management of international projects and the Erasmus Plus Program.

Adrián Monleón

Adrián Monleón is the translation and administration manager at Redtree Making Projects. He has an extensive training in multiple European languages from the educational stage, and a long experience in the translation of international projects and the Erasmus Plus Programme.
He is an innovative person with a multidisciplinary background in diverse fields, from scientific research to administration, always strives to employ innovative methods for the management of the projects he undertakes. As main characteristics we can include his self-demand, efficiency, and unwavering spirit before the most disadvantageous situations.

Pierre Carrolaggi

Pierre Carrolaggi is a teacher in pedagogy, training manager and coordinator of the pedagogical laboratory in Greta du Velay where he has been working since 1992. He is agro-economics engineer and has studied social sciences. He is European Adviser and international expert for competence-based curricula and for ICT applied to education for the French Ministries of Education, Employment and Agriculture. He has coordinated and contributed to several training actions and methods, to prevent radicalisations, to develop e-portfolios, to implement Fablabs for vocational integration, to valorise the skills of migrants…

Chayma Bouchafra

Chayma Bouchafra Fellous is the organizer of European projects in the AJMV association, participates in social movements with associations in Valencia. Through his associative career he has fulfilled responsibilities that have allowed him to develop extensive experience in the associative world. All this experience has helped her also in her professional career as a scientist.

Rafik El Mossaoui

Rafik El Mossaoui is currently a teacher at Fundació Pere Tarrés. His training in learning and knowledge of various languages, and his pedagogical skills and training in community development have allowed him to develop as an intercultural mediator.
With a work experience focused on the field of education, he has been a teacher of English, Arabic, and Catalan, using languages as a tool for inclusion for the migrant population. He has also carried out the task of social educator in educational centers for unaccompanied migrant minors; and his work as a technician in the training area and later the reception area of Plataforma per la Llengua is also noteworthy.

Silvia Randaccio

Silvia Randaccio has a degree in European and Extra-European languages, with a thesis in computational linguistics for the Arabic language. She works for the ICT company Smallcodes, based in Florence, Italy, which deals with linguistic policies and digital resources for minority languages.
She currently follows numerous projects for the development of linguistic software, teaching materials, e-learning platforms and digital archives, for minority languages ​but also for other product sectors.
She has also undertaken several external collaborations as a consultant, teacher and project partner for various entities that have allowed her to learn about new realities and work sectors.

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